Parkway Children's Day School

Parkway Children's Day School has been dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social-emotional and educational needs for preschool children since 2010!  We are a licensed day school and offer programs for children ranging from 2 -5 years including a kinder bridge class. Our caring teachers and enthusiastic staff help develop children by providing high-quality experiences and opportunities in a warm learning environment. 


Our program consists of daily routines that help children develop independence, creativity, problem solving skills, and confidence while spending time away from home.  The structured social interactions with classmates and teachers provide a strong foundation for making new friends and building relationships with adults. Through play, children will develop fine and gross motor skills as they learn new knowledge of letters, numbers and words. The powerful combination of these attributes will provide a developmentally appropriate preschool environment where your child will excel.


The Parkway United Methodist Church doors are always open on Sundays so your child can participate in the Children's Ministry program. This will allow you to attend our church service and experience a family atmosphere with which God has graced our congregation. 


It is our desire and responsibility to support you during this exciting time in your child's development. We offer numerous opportunities for our amazing families to see their child's growth in the classroom throughout the year and we would love to meet you!  If you would like to schedule a tour or find out more information about our program please click HERE so we can schedule a private tour and meet you in person.