For Students

6th-12th Grade

We are designed to live life together, to have fun together, to worship together, to laugh together, to cry together, and to grow in faith together. At Parkway, we want to be a family that is able to rely on each other no matter what. We want to show you that you are an irreplaceable member of the Body of Christ!


    What's Going On?


    Our Summer Events Calendar has been set! Scroll down for more information, and click here for a downloadable calendar!


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      Outdoor Games (Starts June 6)

      Being outdoors playing games with friends is such a joy! Join us every Sunday this summer (except UM ARMY and Lakeview weeks) from 6 to 8pm as we play various outdoor games on/around our volleyball court. Some games we may play include volleyball (duh), nukem, tetherball, gaga ball, disc golf, and more!

      Online Games (Starts June 7)

      Join us every Monday (except for UM ARMY and Lakeview weeks) from 4 to 5pm for Online Games! Some games that we may play together include Minecraft, Among Us, and various Jackbox games! We will be meeting in the new PSM Discord channel. In an effort to keep our students safe, you will need to contact Matt to get a link to join the discord.

      Midweek Bible Study (Starts June 9)

      Join us for our Summer Midweek Bible Study! We will meet every Wednesday (Except UM ARMY and Lakeview weeks) from 6-7:30pm in The Den! Bring a Bible and a friend as we dive into scripture together!

      Parkway UMC will be serving through UM ARMY in Caldwell, TX from June 13th-19th. Unlike previous years, because we will not be offering a specific service option for 6th-7th grade students, UM ARMY will be open to all students who have completed 6th-12th grade by this coming summer. For more information and registration, click HERE!

      The Student Leadership Team at Parkway exists because students have voices that deserve to be heard. That said, being part of the Parkway Student Leadership Team is a big responsibility. The SLT is an important voice in making many important decisions for the youth group, including but not limited to: Wednesday evening activities and lesson topics, Bible study curriculum and topics, and retreat themes and locations. As part of the SLT, you will play a large role in the spiritual development of your peers. Please only apply if you have serious interest in making these difficult but important decisions. 

      Credo Classes (Confirmation)

      Be on the lookout for signups for future classes!

      In order to be an active volunteer, all adults and young adults must complete Safe Sanctuary annually. This includes a training and a screening process.