Our Strategies

When you go to a new church, you may look at all of the events that they are doing and ask yourself, "Which ones should I prioritize if I want to grow closer to Jesus?"  With so many to choose from, which ones offer the best way to get connected to God and others?  Here at Parkway, we have an answer.

We encourage everyone who comes here to Gather, Grow, Go and Glow.  These are what we call our four strategies for discipling people who come here to Parkway.  In other words, if you want to grow deeper in your relationship with God, prioritize these things below:

  • Gather (for worship)

    We believe that human beings were made to be in intimate connection with God and the all-encompassing way we do that is through worship.  We also believe that something incredible happens over time when we bring individual lives of worship together to become one big 'worship'.  So Gathering for worship is one of our primary strategies to move people closer to Christ.  In other words, we hope you'll come and worship with other believers here at Parkway on a regular basis! 

  • Grow (in smaller groups)

    At Parkway, one of the places we feel people grow the most quickly in their relationship with God and with others, is in a Grow Group.  Grow Groups are a great way to grow your friendships, your knowledge of Scripture and your impact on the world. They typically contain about 8-12 people and meet on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.  They meet on many different nights of the week and they meet wherever is most convenient for them - in homes or at the church.  If you want to find out more, you can email, info@parkwayumc.org.  We hope every single person at Parkway will find a Grow Group that takes them deeper!

  • Go (in Service)

    The third thing we hope everyone will do at Parkway is to find a place to serve both inside and outside the church.  Serving with our time, talent and treasure are a huge part of following Jesus.  Whether it's serving the homeless, being a greeter, doing flood repairs, or stuffing bulletins - each one of us can do something both inside and outside the church to serve Christ.  If you're looking for a simple way to get involved, email Debbie Mullen or come to our next 'Pizza with the Pastors' event to find out more. 

  • Glow (in retreat)

    In Exodus 34, Moses goes up on the mountain to receive the 10 Commandments for the 2nd time.  He stays there for 40 days and nights and when he comes down, his face is glowing because he has been with God.  We think that happens in some way every time we get away and 'retreat' with God.  That's why, once per year, we hope everyone will get away for a retreat.  It can be our Women's Retreat, Men's Retreat, Student retreats or Mission trips - but we hope you'll do it once per year.  You'll be glad you did and you'll be 'glowing' too.