Our Mission

At Parkway, we believe every church exists to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We also believe that every church has its own unique people, place and passion. In other words, God accomplishes His mission differently in every church.  At Parkway, our mission is:  

Demonstrating God's Grace to inspire a hope-filled journey with Jesus.

We  want to live our lives in such a way that others will see God's Grace and be inspired to find the hope that comes from following Jesus.  We try to align everything we do around this single principle.

What we value

Being Authentic - We trust God enough to be who we are and let others do the same.  We know He is making us all into who He wants us to be.


Serving Outward - We don't just serve the people inside our four walls.  We put a high value on facing outward and serving the community around us.

Discipling the Next Generation - We have always paid special attention to making sure we are reaching the children and students God brings.  As they get older and go off to school, we continue to reach down to disciple the next generation.