Auditions: Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2pm

(Callbacks and Makeup auditions on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 6pm)

Participants notified of song selection by Sept 11. 

Sheet Music and rehearsal recordings provided by September 18.

Rehearsal Phase 1 - Exploration (Sept 21-Oct 5): Each number has a 30 min rehearsal scheduled with Meredith to get a feel for actor’s interpretation of the material and assist with any acting/music questions

Rehearsal Phase 2 - Blocking (Oct 6- Oct 19): Each number has a rehearsal schedule for blocking (time required depends on the number and how many people are in it)

Rehearsal Phase 3 – Polishing (Oct 20 -Nov 9): The number of rehearsals during this period is dependent on how number has progressed. Goal is to get performers fully audience ready and comfortable before tech week.

Rehearsal Phase 4 – Tech Week (Nov 10- 14): Tech only on Sunday November 10, Actors and Tech on Monday and Tuesday, Dress on Thursday with performances Friday and Saturday

Weeknight rehearsals will be held between 6pm and 8:30pm (individual time slots assigned to fit actor schedules). The week of the show rehearsals may run longer depending on how many numbers there are (to be determined based on how many people audition).  

Weekend rehearsals will be scheduled between 2 and 6pm on Sundays preferentially, and Saturdays as needed to fit actor schedules.