High School Mission Trip

WHO: Current 8th-12th grade students, College Students, and   Adult Volunteers!

WHAT: Students from different communities come together for seven days for one purpose: Serving in the name of Jesus Christ to those in need.

WHERE: Liberty, TX

WHEN: June 16-23

COST: Students: $300, Adults: $150 (E-mail Mak for adult discount code)

HOW: Registration closed for students. We still need adult volunteers though!

REgistration Forms

Registration is OPEN!

Click the "registration" icon below to sign up for UM ARMY 2019. After you register with Parkway, you will then receive an e-mail with a link to register with UM ARMY. Your registration is not complete until you register with UM ARMY as well! Both adults and campers must fill out the Parkway Medical Form if not done for a previous event in 2019.