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Scroll down to view all of the Grow Group options at Parkway. Click on the leader name to contact them. 

  • The Hatfield Group is a group of couples (but do welcome singles) and most have adult children (but some have teenagers). They study Christian books and Bible studies, and they seem to like those that have a video that accompanies the study. Although many of their studies include daily assignments, most of the group members struggle to get those done. They keep trying, though, and they count on God’s grace to forgive their shortcomings. Typically, when they complete a study, the group will go to a local restaurant or one of the member’s homes for dinner to fellowship and choose their next study. This group meets on Tuesdays 7:30-9pm online. 

  • The Grace Gang is a handful of Christians all striving towards being grace filled and grace motivated. This group is from all different life stages and meets together to engage in Bible study, fellowship, and take care of one another. They study Scripture in discussion through the lens of their own knowledge of tradition, experience, and reason. This group meets on Sundays following the second service in the Worship Center Cry Room.

  • Leader: BOB RYAN

    The Ryan Group is a group of men who meet each Saturday for breakfast and work our way through studying a book of the Bible. This group meets on Saturdays at 7:30am at Avalon Diner in Stafford.

  • Salt of the Earth studies all sorts of topics, books, and Scripture. They adapt to what the group members are desiring and often take turns picking. The group mostly consists of couples with and without children. All children are welcomed over during Grow Group time and play together in a separate area. This group meets every other Sunday evening at Erin's home. 

  • Soul Sisters and Spouses is a group of married couples with older teenage and college-aged children. The group does life together through many fellowship events and meeting for different studies often centered around a podcast with rare light reading to be done beforehand. The Armentrout Group meets regularly, but on no particular day or time. Contact Leslie to receive information on meeting times.

  • Leader: DEBBY JORDAN

    Step-by-Step is made up of: singles (with and without children), couples (both attend or only 1 spouse attends), empty nesters, some with adult children living at home and some with high schoolers. Normal study topics are contemporary religious issues supported with DVD and a text (5-7 lessons) with no "homework." They hold a social gathering (going out to eat together) at the completion of a study. This group meets Sundays after the second service in the Ministry Center Club 123.

  • Tuesday Tailgaters are a group of Christians, both couples and singles, who enjoy spending time together, learning about the Word of God, supporting each other and providing service to our community. Their studies usually require very little, if any, homework. The group has a social night between each study series. The group also strives to serve together in at least one community service activity each quarter. This group meets Tuesdays 7pm in the Ministry Center Connection Point.

  • Women of the Word consists of women from all life stages who desire to study the Bible in order to know and love Jesus more. This group meets most Thursdays at 7pm in the Ministry Center Room 126/128.

  • Leader: KATIE LANDIN

    Young Families are a group of young adult families in their 30's. Many of them have children; the children attend Sunday School in the Ministry Center during the same time the group meets. Periodically this group meets in the evenings for family social events. The group rotates through different topics/studies during the year, and there is minimal pre-work required each week. This group meets Sundays during the second service in the Ministry Center Chapel.