Lunches of love

advent mission


Parkway is partnering with Lunches of Love this year for our Advent Mission. Lunches of Love is a group that fights food insecurity by making sure that students and families who rely upon free/reduced lunch are fed over weekends and long school holidays.

We are collecting food items for Lunches of Love's annual Reverse Advent Calendar food drive. If you've ever done an Advent Calendar, for each day of the season you open a little door and take out a little message or treat as you count down the days to Christmas. But this reverse one works in the opposite direction -- for each day of the season you'll donate something to be put into the Advent calendar!

We have a life-size Advent calendar in the Worship Center for you to put your items into on Sunday mornings. Take a look at the donation list in the link above -- they're all small items that will make a big difference if we all work together!