parkway campus closed through saturday, february 20

Due to weather implications

Greetings Parkway Family and Friends,

We have made the decision to close the church (including ALL activities) through Saturday.  We will reopen the church Sunday morning for services as long as the weather continues to improve between now and then. 

The primary reasons for this closure include: 1) County and city officials continue to ask us to stay off the roads; 2) power is unstable and at the earliest won’t be fully restored until at least Thursday; 3) the roads (even the back roads) were still treacherous in places between my house and the church; 4) and finally, we are without water to one of the buildings of the church property because, despite our best efforts, one of the back flow valves burst.  On this final note, no church damage was incurred except for the valve itself (we had drained the lines), but it will take time for power to get restored and stores to open up so we can get the part to fix the system.  Legally, we cannot have activities on the premises without working restrooms.  Therefore, this closure includes all of the following:

  • Scout meetings
  • AA meetings
  • Alanon meetings
  • Ash Wednesday services (we will do our Ash Wednesday service on Sunday!)
  • Women’s Bible study
  • Men’s Bible study
  • Student Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Ignite Retreat
  • Any other meeting that was planned through Saturday that I may be forgetting.

We know that many are without power or internet (in fact, we are without power at our house), so please stay as safe and warm as you can.  You all are in our prayers.

Grace and Peace,