Sunday, October 28

It is that time of year where Parkway becomes a mission team for the community.

Instead of having our regular church services on October 28

we will be “Taking it to the Streets” to be “the best church for the community.”

There are a variety of projects, some are kid friendly and some are not.

You can choose the best one for you and your family.

CLICK HERE to register for a team or sign up on one of the sign-up boards in the back of the Worship Center.

Questions, contact Vince Cordova.

See below for a list of all the teams' activities!

NO regular Church Services on this Sunday.

We are cancelling church to go out and BE the church for the community!

We will meet at Parkway for Breakfast & Communion before heading out to our projects.

Breakfast & Communion - 7:30am

Projects - 8:30am

Bob O'Dell's Team

Fort Bend Garden is a HUD elderly independent living facility that is clean as a pin. We supply $5 Walmart gift cards and they play for the cards. We play a card too and if we bingo we give the card to one of the residents at the table that hasn’t won yet. They love it when members participate that are bilingual in Spanish and they love children and teenagers.

Kevin Johnson, William Thomas, & Tim Stone's Team

Friends of North Rosenberg Home Project:

We have Neighbors unable to rebuild their homes and lives, still suffering from Hurricane Harvey.  Parkway is partnering with Friends of North Rosenberg to “Demonstrate God’s Grace” to our neighbors in need by loving on them while we work on their homes.


Come join our Flood Response Teams to help rebuild lives on October 28th. We will be repairing flooded homes by cleaning and installing insulation and drywall. These skills can be taught; you just need to show up with a servant-attitude ready to show God’s love to our Neighbors. We need lots of people:  Individuals, Families, and/or Grow Groups are most welcome. 

Allison & Wade Oliver's team

Collecting, packing, and donating homeless outreach kits:

The Young Adults small group will be collecting donations to assemble "care kits" for the homeless, which will then be available to the congregation to distribute around town. The items we will be collecting are: socks, bottled water, granola/cereal bars, cheese/peanut butter crackers, and travel packs of wet wipes.

Valerie throgmorton's Team

My family friendly project will be making place mats for Fort Bend Meals on Wheels. Our activity will be from 10:30 to noon and will include a family worship time in our usual Children's Worship/Chapel format. 

Ginger Neely's Team

Fort Bend Hope Project:

Ft. Bend Hope is a local community center in Rosenberg that offers ESL classes, Fathering classes, Citizenship classes, student mentoring, and more. We will be cleaning, organizing, and putting together curriculum for their many classes.

Mak Percival's Team

Student Project: Labor of Love crafts for Human Trafficking Victims:

This year Students will help us with creating crafts and gifts to sell at our Labor of Love event that will be held in the lobby during our Christmas Production: "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" December 7-9th. People will make donations for the items and all the proceeds will go towards Elijah's Rising; whose mission is to end sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration. We will meet in the Student Worship Center at 8:00 and will finish around 10:00.

Both Middle school and High school students are capable of these projects! 

Tim Swenk's Team

Home Project

We have potential for 3 sites in Rosenberg and Richmond where repairs to interior are required for elderly persons who don’t have the means to hire contractors.  These homes have been part of the HOME and UMArmy repair campaigns this year but just could not complete the work list.  We can be the team bringing these homes closer to a successful state of repair.  Skills needed are some basic carpentry, painting and creativity. We will have team leaders willing to guide and teach!

Jeff Fell's Team

Building the Set for the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

We need help expanding the stage for our upcoming Parkway STAR’s Christmas Pageant! We will be constructing two platforms that will be a part of the set for the show and will need some willing and able bodies to help! This project will be located in the Worship Center...meaning you will be in AIR CONDITIONING! 

Carol McClleland's Team

Photos during the event

Terry Martin's Team

Pressure washing two drives in New Territory.

Dan Wallin's Team

Friends of North Richmond Home Project.

Tina TiLghman's Team

Fellowship, crafts, and games at Richmond State Supported living Center:

Its a Center that houses medically fragile & ambulatory adults. I plan on, hopefully doing music with them, 1-2 easy crafts & then maybe Bingo, I also plan for my group to sit & eat lunch with them. We would bring our own sack lunch. Im still waiting on the "for sure OK" for that. I do want people to know, that we will be dealing with folks that may have a trache G-tube, possibly non-verbal, most of them wheel chair bound,missing limbs ect. any crafts or game we do, most of the residents, will need help, moving pieces, gluing stuff ect. I mention this only because some people are very uncomfortable being around  this kind of population. 

Vince Cordova's Team

Dirt & Mulch Work: 

A New Territory elderly neighbor needs helps.  She is not maintaining her yard and cannot afford to do it or pay to have it done.  We will clean up and beautify her flowerbeds!