The best christmas pageant ever 

behind the scenes positions

behind the scenes position details


  • Technical Director - leader of the design and technical teams, keeps these teams on schedule and informed of each other's work
  • Lighting Designer - determines the number of instruments needed to light the show, pick colors, and decides on lighting plot and focus required
  • Set Designer - works with the director to create the setting, may provide set builders with designs to construct required set pieces or may find pieces, picks design elements
  • Sound Designer - finds required sound effects and music for the play, determines mic requirements and mix
  • Costume Designer - envisions the costumes for the cast, works with actors and others to find or build the costume pieces required
  • Prop Master - finds and/or builds required props and items needed for stage decor
  • Stage Manager - attends all rehearsals and meetings, keeps records of rehearsals and compiles prompt book, prepares rehearsal space, in charge of running dress rehearsals and performances, provides leadership to cast, among other tasks
  • Assistant Stage Manager - assists stage manager with any and all tasks required


  • Social Media Manager -  uses social media to promote the show
  • Graphic Designer - creates marketing material for the show
  • Photographer - takes photographs for promotion during the rehearsal period, at the photo call (December 8), and possibly during performances
  • Box Office Manager - organizes reservations for audience members
  • House Manager - prepares the auditorium for the audience, supervises the ushers
  • Program Manager - creates the program for the production


  • Lighting Crew - assists with the hanging and focusing of lighting instruments
  • Light Board Op - operates the lighting console during tech/dress rehearsals and performances
  • Running/Sound Crew - assists with microphones and set changes during tech/dress rehearsals and performances
  • Sound Board Op - operates the sound console during tech/dress rehearsals and performances
  • Set Builders - build required set pieces
  • Makeup Designer - assists the costume director in creating the look of each actor
  • Dressers/Makeup - assists the actors backstage with costumes, hair and makeup before the show and especially with any quick changes during performances
  • Cast Party Organizer - organizes a party for cast and crew following the last performance
  • Ushers - hand out programs, assist the audience members to their seats, etc.