Our Story

In 1997, Pastor Paul Clines answered God's call to start a new United Methodist Church in the New Territory area of Sugar Land, TX.  It started in his living room with just a few families and just kept growing from there.  Parkway has worshiped in a school cafeteria, a gymnasium and its own worship center.  The truth is that Parkway has never been about the place.  It's always been about the people - an imperfect people trying follow an amazing God thru Jesus Christ.  That's as true today as it always has been.  

Pastors and people have come and gone, but God is still weaving an incredible story through Parkway. We're not so big that you won't be able to get to know anyone, but we're big enough to have vibrant ministries for children, youth and adults. We invite you to come find your place in God's story here at Parkway.