Church-wide events & activities

Thanks for visiting our church-wide events page!  Whether its an event to serve, learn, or just have fun, we hope participating in these events will draw you closer to God and other people.  The event descriptions will let you know if registration is required. 

  • All-Church Retreat Volunteers Needed!

    Retreat date: October 4-6, 2019, Stoney Creek Ranch

    Meeting date & location: Sunday, June 30, following the 10:30am Service

                                                Meet in the Conference Room, located in the church offices area

    We need volunteers to help us plan this weekend full of fun activities, worship, food and fellowship at Stoney Creek Ranch. Please join us for a volunteer meeting on Sunday, June 30, after the 10:30am Service. If you can’t attend the meeting but would still like to help out, please email contact Cynthia Johnson.

  • Help Us Host a Mission Group from CaliforniA!

    Sunday, June 30 - Saturday, July 6

    We are hosting a mission group here at Parkway that is coming from Aldersgate UMC in Tustin, California. They are coming to do post-Harvey home repairs for the second year in a row and we want to bless them while they are here. Believe it or not there are still homes that are in need of repair! We will be providing them with breakfast items and evening meals, and we could use your help! To sign up or to see what is needed for breakfast or dinner click HERE.

  • Summer giving

    If you will be traveling this summer, you may want to consider setting up electronic giving through our website under the “giving” tab or through our Parkway app. Consistent giving through the summer allows us all to keep investing our resources in the most important things here and in our community. Questions, contact Shaan Tippett.


    Champion the Change! 

    Reminder that we are worshipping in the Student Ministries area (Ministry Center upstairs) until the Worship Center renovations are completed. It will not be what you are used to and you might be tempted to take the summer off or only come on occasion. But we hope you will ‘champion the change’ and make plans to attend every Sunday during the summer, if possible. This will be a season in Parkway’s life that you will always remember! The Worship Center renovations are scheduled to be completed this August! 

  • Parenting Solo - New Grow Group!

    Meets every other Sunday, 9 - 10am (next meeting date will be June 30)

    Connection Point Room located in the Ministry Center

    Being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs. Now there is a Grow Group specifically geared towards the unique challenges single parents face. We will learn to walk with God, hear his voice, and balance all the joys and challenges of being single and being a parent. We know this journey is easier when you do it corporately, so if you are a single parent please join us. Facilitated by Elissa Bird and Lisa Proffit-Rau. For more information please contact Elissa.