Children's Ministry Internship Opportunties

Our Summer Kids Adventures Program is staffed with high school and college-age Interns. If you love to work with children and want a summer job that challenges you to grow in your relationship with Jesus as you teach children stories from the Bible, we encourage you to consider becoming a Parkway Children's Ministry Intern.  We have completed the application process for 2018. The best way to equip yourself for one of our roles in 2019 is to grow in your personal discipleship between now and then! 

Check out our Student Ministry, who stands ready to help you in your journey with Christ.  

The key roles in our program are:



Students who have completed 8th grade or above or do not meet the job qualifications by grade level or previous experience may apply to Apprentice as an unpaid volunteer for the summer. This is the best way to become oriented to the program so you can compete for one of the paid positions in future years. We are very flexible about allowing apprentices to schedule only the days they are available (although, of course, the more times you volunteer the more you will be able to grow your skills!)



Your personal discipleship is important to us! If you attend another church besides Parkway, or are not active in a faith community, you are required to obtain a PERSONAL REFERENCE from a church or community leader. Contact the person first and ask them if they will give you a recommendation. Once you have their agreement, send them this link: