APPRENTICE or volunteer student

Students who have completed 8th grade or above may find out what being an Intern in our Summer Program is all about by apprenticing with us in a volunteer, unpaid capacity their first summer.  You can choose which days you will volunteer - the only requirement is that you commit to serving the entire day (9:45am - 2:15pm).  Apprentices are encouraged to attend the weekly Bible Study, Continuing Education and Team lunches on Mondays as often as possible, and are also invited to volunteer in VBS and in the Children's Sunday School program. In addition to readying these students for possible paid positions in future years, one of our main objectives in the Apprentice Program is helping a student learn to manage their own scheduling and availibility to be placed on the working calendar so it is essential the student learn to use our scheduling tools over the course of the summer and become capable of scheduling themselves, rather than relying on parents to do so for them. 

Younger middle school students who are sufficiently self-directed to function in helper roles,  may be permitted to volunteer during the program hours. Students known to us, either because of their involvement in Sunday School or past participation in VBS or the Summer Program may offer to volunteer and will be scheduled as we need you / you are available.  In these cases, we communicate solely with the parents for coordinating their involvement.