Church-wide events & activities

Thanks for visiting our church-wide events page!  Whether its an event to serve, learn, or just have fun, we hope participating in these events will draw you closer to God and other people.  The event descriptions will let you know if registration is required. 

  • Reveal Spiritual Life Survey

    As we begin our 5 year discipleship goal, we would like to ask everyone (over the age of 18) to take a short 15-20 minute survey to help us better serve your spiritual growth needs. This survey will help us determine  where we are spiritually as a congregation. We took the ‘Reveal’ Survey 3 years ago as a church and it opened our eyes to some of our strengths and our challenges in the area of discipleship. We’re taking it again this year because we want to see what progress we have made and to set a baseline for our next 4 years of work towards our 5 year goal. The survey is completely anonymous! If you cannot complete the survey at home, we will have some ipads and hard copies available at church starting January 27 (for three Sundays).

    Click on the link below to complete the survey now:

  • family promise

    February 17 - 23, Worship Center

    One week each quarter, Family Promise and Parkway provide safe lodging, meals, welcoming care and support services to help families in need. It is an honor to be God's hands and love our neighbors by hosting Family Promise guests. Volunteers are needed to provide evening meals and hosting in our Worship Center.  Sign up in the Worship Center lobby on Sunday morning or contact Shari Nutter or Audrey Ivester.


  • Lunch with the Lord - New Grow Group!!

    Thursdays, 11:15am - 1pm

    This new Grow Group will be led by Tina Tilghman and is for any level, whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or struggling to keep up with studying scripture. It will give you greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority and a stronger desire to know the Bible inside and out. The group will meet every Thursday at 9er's in New Territory (11:15am arrival if you would like to eat lunch - the lesson will begin around 11:45am). We will be studying Open Your Bible: God’s Word is For You and For Now, by Rachel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. It is available in paperback on Amazon. Please, contact Tina if you have any questions.