This schedule is tentative and may be subject to change. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings but the cast only comes when required, not to every rehearsal.

THE BEst christmas pageant ever 2017

Day Date Time What Who
Sunday 8/27/17 2pm Auditions
Tuesday 8/29/17 6:30pm Call Backs
Sunday 9/10/17 2-5pm Read-Through Full Cast
Tuesday 9/12/17   6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 9/17/17 2-5pm
Select Cast
Tuesday 9/19/17   6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 9/24/17 2-5pm
Full Cast
Sunday 10/8/17 2-5pm
Full Cast
Tuesday 10/10/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 10/15/17 2-5pm
Full Cast
Tuesday 10/17/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Tuesday 10/24/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Thursday 10/26/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 10/29/17 2-5pm Lines Due Full Cast
Thursday 11/2/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 11/5/17 2-5pm
Full Cast
Tuesday 11/7/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 11/12/17 2-5pm
Full Cast
Tuesday 11/14/17    6:30-8:30pm
Select Cast
Sunday 11/19/17 2-5pm Run Through Full Cast
Tuesday 11/21/17    6:30-8:30pm Run Through Full Cast
Sunday 11/26/17 TBD Volunteer Work Day
Tuesday 11/28/17    6:30-8:30pm Full Run with Set Full Cast
Thursday 11/30/17    6:30-8:30pm Full Run with Set Full Cast
Sunday 12/3/17 TBD Tech (no actors)
Monday 12/4/17 6pm Tech + Actors Full Cast
Tuesday 12/5/17 6pm Dress Rehearsal Full Cast
Wednesday 12/6/17 6pm Dress Rehearsal Full Cast
Thursday 12/7/17 6pm Dress Rehearsal Full Cast
Friday 12/8/17 7pm Performance
Saturday 12/9/17 2pm Performance
Saturday 12/9/17 7pm Performance